Kebutuhan Keluarga Pasien diruang Perawatan Intensif

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PDF    Published Dec 22, 2020    DOI      Abstract viewed: 139   PDF viewed: 135  
Nurhidayatul Nadya
Gamya Tri Utami
Riri Novayelinda


Background: Patient care in an intensive room affects patients and their family. The impacts experienced by the family are both in physical and psychological aspects. The psychological impact may get higher if the family’s needs in the room are not obtained. The study aims to determine the needs of the patient’s family in the intensive room. Methods:The design of this research is systematic review. There are some tools used to find related articles to the 2016-2020 period such as Google Scholar, Scient Direct, and PubMed. Results: The search result to obtained 8 articles that met the inclusion criteria. It can be seen that countries in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and South America share a similar trend which is prioritizing assurance and information needs. The rest of them such as support and comfort are assumed less important although in some articles the order is different. Sociodemography aspects (gender, age, educational level, and spirituality) also influence the priority needs of the family. Conclusion: Even they have different cultural, but the need of family in intensive room have same priority. It’s need for assurance.

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Nadya, N., Utami, G., & Novayelinda, R. (2020). Kebutuhan Keluarga Pasien diruang Perawatan Intensif. (JKG) Jurnal Keperawatan Global, 5(2), 88-99.