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Supporting child development is not only the responsibility of the government but also the responsibility of parents, teachers and the surrounding community. Parents are expected to have a good understanding of the psychological child so that they can provide care and education that allows children to grow and develop according to their age. This study aims to determine the effect of parenting psychoeducation on the social and emotional development of pre-school children. <strong>Method</strong></em><strong><em>s</em></strong><strong><em>:</em></strong> <em>This research used the method of "quasi experiment pre-post test with one group" with a total sample of 63 pre-school age children. Sampling was done using Non Randomized One Group Pretest Postest Design. Research data analysis was performed using SPSS version 23. <strong>Results:</strong></em> <em>The results showed that preschool age children numbered 63 people consisting of</em> <em>60.3% (38) people were male and the rest were female 39.7% (25). There was an increase in social development in preschool children whose parents received significantly higher parenting psychoeducation (p value 0,000) There was an increase in emotional development in pre-school children whose parents received significantly higher parenting psychoeducation (p value 0,000).</em> <strong><em>Conclusion:</em></strong> <em>The conclusion showed that there was a parenting psychoeducation effect on parents on social and emotional development of pre-school age children</em>.</p> <p><strong><em>Keywords:</em></strong> <em>Psychoeducation, Social and Emotional Development, Pre School Children</em></p> Insiyah Insiyah, Endang Caturini Sulistyowati ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/81 Tue, 31 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Pengaruh Pendidikan Kesehatan Dengan Metode Simulasi Pertolongan Pertama (Management Airway) Pada Penyintas Dengan Masalah Sumbatan Jalan Nafas pada Masyarakat Awam di Kec.Sawit Kab. Boyolali http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/76 <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Airway management is the most important thing in resuscitation and requires special skills in the management of emergencies, therefore the first thing that must be assessed is the smoothness of the airway, which includes airway examinations that can be caused by foreign bodies. The lack of oxygen is a cause of rapid death. Research Objectives The general objective of this research is to improve the ability of airway management skills ordinary people in Kateguhan, Sawit, Boyolali. <strong>Methods:</strong> This research is an experimental study with a Pre-Test-Post Test one Group control design approach. through testing research hypotheses. The population of this research is the cloud community of 50 respondents which are divided into two groups,&nbsp; 25 respondents in the intervention group and 25 respondents as a control group. Statistical test in the paired group uses the nonparametric Wilcoxon test and the non-paired uses Mann-Whitney. <strong>Results:</strong> Based on the results of the Wilcoxon analysis test it can be concluded that the 25 respondents who conducted training in simulation measures by way of air way management training specifically airway obstruction can be drawn the conclusion that the majority of ordinary people have good knowledge in terms of emergency handling abilities, especially in air way management measures p value 0.001 which means that there are significant differences between before and after training. In the control group there were also significant differences with a P value of 0.001. Based on the Mann-Whitney test analysis, there were significant differences between the intervention and control groups with a p value of 0.001. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> Airway management education and training courses for lay people continue to be held to improve the ability of the action skills.</em></p> Akhmad Rifai, Sugiyarto Sugiyarto ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/76 Tue, 31 Dec 2019 09:49:41 +0000 Gambaran Perubahan Tekanan Darah Pada Pasien Gagal Ginjal Kronik Yang Menjalani Terapi Hemodialisis Di Ruang Hemodialisa Rumah Sakit TK. II Pelamonia Makassar http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/71 <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>The kidneys have a very important role in maintaining a healthy body. The kidneys experience acute renal failure when the kidney cannot function suddenly. Without kidney replacement therapy, deaths from metabolic disorders can occur quickly. One kidney replacement therapy can be done is hemodialysis. Although hemodialysis is safe and beneficial for patients, it does not mean without side effects. Various complications can occur when patients undergo hemodialysis one of which is intradialisis hypertension. This complication can lead to new, more complex problems, including discomfort, increasing stress affecting the quality of life, worsening the patient's condition and even causing death. Objective To determine the description of blood pressure changes in patients with chronic renal failure undergoing hemodialysis therapy in the Hemodialysis room at TK II Pelamonia Hospital Makassar. <strong>Methods: </strong>This study used a descriptive survey method with a case study approach. <strong>Results: </strong>Research shows that patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy experience changes in blood pressure in pre and post hemodialysis. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>There is an effect of hemodialysis on changes in blood pressure in patients with kidney failure in the Hemodialysis Room of TK</em><em>. </em><em>II Pelamonia Hospital Makassar.</em></p> Abdul Herman Syah Thalib ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/71 Tue, 31 Dec 2019 10:03:17 +0000 Pengaruh Pemberian Extrak Jahe Dan Kacang Hijau Terhadap Pengurangan Mual Pada Ibu Hamil Semester 1 Di Puskesmas Ngawen 2 Wonosari Gunung Kidul http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/75 <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Nausea and vomiting are common discomforts experienced by 50% of pregnant women.&nbsp; Emesis gravidarum will gain weight into hyperemesis gravidarum.&nbsp; Management to overcome the discomfort of nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of pregnancy is to use pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies including ginger drink and green beans.&nbsp; The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of ginger drink and green beans on the frequency of nausea and vomiting in trimester pregnant women. <strong>Methods: </strong>Used in this study was quasy experiment with a time series pretest-posttest design approach.&nbsp; The population in this study was TM I pregnant women in the Ngawen II health center. The sample in this study was first trimester pregnant women who experienced nausea and vomiting. The analysis of this study used the Wilcoxon and Kruskal-wallis test. <strong>Results: </strong>Showed there was an effect of giving ginger drink and green beans to the frequency of nausea vomiting in first trimester pregnant women with p value 0.01 &lt;α with ginger drink being the most influential in post hoc nausea frequency of vomiting 6.67 compared to green beans and standard drugs. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>Administration of ginger drink and green beans has an effect on reducing the frequency of nausea and vomiting in first trimester pregnant women.</em></p> Sih Rini Handajani, KH Endah Widhi Astuti ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/75 Tue, 31 Dec 2019 10:28:31 +0000 Analisis Model Simulasi Berbasis Algoritma Dalam Peningkatan Kompetensi Manajemen Kesiagaan Bencana Perawat Komunitas Kota Surakarta http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/78 <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>The Republic of Indonesia is a country that is vulnerable to disasters. Disaster preparedness is an important component in disaster management in order to reduce mortality or morbidity. One component of the community component that plays a role in disaster preparedness is health workers including nurses. The role and competence of disaster management must be considered and enhanced for community nurses to ensure the safety of the community in dealing with disasters starting from the prevention phase, the mitigation phase, the preparedness phase, the emergency response phase and the recovery phase. Algorhythms is an effective method in increasing understanding in a training or simulation.This study was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of the algorithm based algorithm can increase competency of disaster preparedness management in community nurses in the city of Surakarta. <strong>Methods: </strong>This type of research is a comparative experimental study with a pretest-post test with control group design. The population in this study were all community nurses in the city of Surakarta as many as 110 people. The sampling technique was a total sampling of 97 people (88%). Data is tested by Difference Test. <strong>Results: </strong>There was an increase in the value of roles and competencies in all groups. Difference in value improvement in the treatment group is (role = 2.56 and competence = 2.76). While the increase in value in the control group is (role = 2.05 and competence = 1.88). Value of P = 0.00. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>There are significant differences in the value of roles and competencies between the treatment and control groups. Increasing the value of the role and competence of the simulation group with algorithm learning is higher than the control group.</em></p> Sunarto Sunarto, Addi Mardi Harnanto ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/78 Tue, 31 Dec 2019 10:42:56 +0000 Efektivitas Terapi Murottal Al-Quran Terhadap Kecemasan Anak Dengan Leukemia “Literature Review” http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/69 <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Murottal therapy is a type of music therapy that has a positive influence on the listener, when someone listens to murottal therapy it will give stimulation to the eardrum then it will begin the listening process where every sound produced by the sound source will be passed through the auditory nerve to the auditory cortex in the brain. Then murottal therapy will work on the brain where when given a stimulus the brain will produce a decrease in cortisol so that it can provide feedback in the form of relaxed feeling and comfort.</em> <strong><em>Method</em></strong><strong><em>s</em></strong><strong><em>:</em></strong> <em>T</em><em>his research explores quantitative evidence published in pubmed electronic databases, google scholar. By using search strategy we found 73 articles with the potential of 10 studies included in the final analysis. <strong>Results:</strong></em> <em>W</em><em>e found a significant post-intervention improvement in r</em><em>e</em><em>ducing anxiety for participants who received murottal Al-Qur’an therapy compared to all control grups. </em><strong><em>Conclusion: </em></strong><em>These results indicate that murottal Al-Qur'an therapy can be used as an alternative treatment to reduce anxiety of patients who experience anxiety disorders and nurses are expected to participate in this treatment training</em>.</p> Ricky Zainuddin, Rahma La Maru ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/69 Tue, 31 Dec 2019 10:56:23 +0000 Penerapan Terapi Musik Klasik Dalam Menurunkan Nyeri Pada Pasien Ca Mammae Literaure Review http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/68 <p><strong><em>Background: </em></strong><em>Music therapy is a form of therapy in the health sector using music and music activities to address various issues. Empirical evidence supports the therapeutic use of classical music in a variety of conditions including psychiatric disorders, medical problems, physical disabilities, sensory disturbance, developmental disabilities, aging problems, increase the concentration of learning, support physical exercise, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as additional treatment in cancer patients and management pain. This article analyzes the application of music therapy to reduce pain scale and by reviewing the results of this study. <strong>Methods: </strong>This study explores quantitative evidence published in electronic databases such as Pubmed, Google Scholar. <strong>Results: </strong>Research shows that a significant increase occurred in the post-intervention in reducing the pain scale for participants who received the Classical Music Therapy as compared to all the controls. <strong>Conclusion: </strong>The results showed that the classical music therapy is very useful additional treatment to reduce the scale of pain in cancer patients who have never undergone chemotherapy and nurses must be trained to perform classical music therapy.</em></p> Rizqi Apriani Pujianto, Ricky Zainuddin ##submission.copyrightStatement## http://jurnalkeperawatanglobal.com/index.php/jkg/article/view/68 Tue, 31 Dec 2019 11:08:11 +0000